7 Gorgeous Removable Wallpapers for Renters

Let me guess… do you wall love the look of wallpaper, but cringe at the thought of removing it later? Me too! I remember helping my mom and grandmother put up those floral looking wallpapers when I was a kid. When we finally went to remove them, it was such a process to take it down that I thought the entire wall was going to come with it. Never again have I looked at using wallpaper for residential use, but I love the patterns and the variety they can bring to a space.

Well, I have just discovered the magic of removable wallpaper and oh my GOD am I in love! This stuff is perfect for people who aren’t sure about the long-term use of wallpaper or for renters who know they’re not going to be in a space long term and will eventually have to take it down. I think the secret is in the adhesive they use to put it up. Some of these companies are saying that you can take the wallpaper down and re-stick it up to 99 times. It seems like a good deal to me! Below are seven of my favorites. I will be ordering some of my own soon!

Buried Treasure

By Wallsneedlove, get it here

I will say, this one is bold and is absolutely my favorite! When I move into my new apartment next summer, I think I will definitely be ordering this one!


By Spoonflower, get it here

First of all, this is the perfect wallpaper for anyone who loves dogs! I think this would be a fun accent in a bathroom or entryway.


by Wallsneedlove, get it here

This wallpaper is perfect for someone looking for a geometric pattern and a pop of color. Wallsneedlove has a ton of options like this, so I would definitely check them out.

Pixel Diamonds

by Wallsneedlove, get it here

This one is for people looking for a geometric pattern, but for something more subtle than the one above.

Lemon Blossoms

by Spoonflower, get it here

Lately there have been many designs that bring the outdoors in. I think this wallpaper would be a great accent in a kitchen or dining room.

Watercolor Paddle Cactus

By Spoonflower, get it here

Ok, who doesn’t love a good cactus wallpaper?! With all the love succulents and cacti seem to be getting lately, I could see this in someone’s kitchen or dining room. This is on point (no pun intended)!

Poppies & Peacocks

By Wallsneedlove, get it here

Last but not least, this one is for the bohemian lover out there. This wallpaper has a great pop of color and I could see this in someone’s bedroom behind their headboard!

There you have it! These are my top seven of the many I found online. Of course I could list out many more but then we would be here all day! Let me know what you think or if you plan to order any. I would love to see what you all do with them!

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